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District News February 9, 2018
Posted On:
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

From Superintendent                                                                                February 9, 2018

Dr. Michael Garrett


Another week in the books and February in rolling along!


Update on our food service review.  Thanks to Carmen's hard work and persistence and creativity OJSHS will be able to continue to serve all students breakfast without a financial loss to the district.  Thank you to the staff for being flexible and helping with this transition beginning Monday, Feb. 12th.  The main difference will be the point of sale will be at the window in the cafeteria instead of in the classroom.  Without the hard work and thoughtful planning the change could have potentially cost the district $17000 for the remainder of this year.


I was able to attend the IETA conference this week and learned a great deal.  Technology is ever changing and keeping up with the latest is difficult but important.  As we all know, technology is great for enhancing learning if utilized properly.  The reoccurring theme seemed to focus around social media platforms and how to better utilize them for student learning and communication.  We will continue to move forward and examine what is most effective to help make all students successful.  If you get a chance please take the time to thank Russel and his technology team as they do an outstanding job of keeping us ahead of the curve.  


As a reminder, we will be having an all district day on Friday, Feb. 23rd at the OES building.  The agenda will be sent out this week but will include collaboration time by department or grade level.  
This will be a great time to network within the district.  We also have a guest speaker for the afternoon session.  Thank you in advance for your participation as we continue to grow as a district.


Once again I am bringing up the importance of our tax levy coming at the March 13 election.  This levy helps us continue to maintain facilities and move forward as necessary for our district to be successful.  Please help promote this however you can and if you have any organizations or groups that would like to learn more about it please contact me.  Thank you in advance for your assistance and support.


Thank you all for everything that you do!  As we move into the long stretch please remember why you are here!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Michael C. Garrett


Joint School District #171

1051 Michigan Ave.

Orofino, Idaho 83544

208 476 5593